Potential of ALM(Software-Test data) with Data Science

In this article, we mainly focus on -
How ALM data is used to leverage Data Science’.


All the test data stored over years and decades(for giant companies) do wonders when merged with Data Science tools. Here we discuss a few major use cases already developed and regularly used in companies.

For analysis, we just need to pull the data from ALM to DB through API.

Defect Prediction

If a couple of years back someone told you that we could predict the defects before development, would you believe it?
Yes, definitely with experience but could you back it with data or be a consistent predictor.

Defect descriptions are extracted and processed through relevant algorithms to categorize them into different types. Then this data is processed along the sub-project list to generate the associations.

When a new project is started and being planned, then its category is decided by the team and sub-category passed on the dashboard to check the probable defects associated with it.

This way team could check the defects that could be associated along with the accuracy score.

Resource & Cost Allocation

Wouldn't it be great if we know the number of resources and estimated cost before a project starts. That too with the data-backed decisions.

From ALM we get details of hundreds of projects which include their duration, complexity, execution time, severity, re-opened, etc. All these categories are processed to select the relevant features. Project lists are categorized into sub-projects and help to filter the required ones.

Along with it, the finance data (total project cost) is merged to create a new estimation model. On further analysis, many straight-away assumptions could be made. Example:

->Complexity increases the project cost.

->Execution time is slightly correlated with the cost.

A threshold is set for all the comparisons. All these analyses and assumptions are then presented on the dashboard for comparing the cost, the number of resources required on a project.

This is one of the ways where management could make a better call on the estimation and allocation of a testing project to reduce on-going project budget issues.

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A wanderer with calculating probabilities.

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Projyot Srivastava

Projyot Srivastava

A wanderer with calculating probabilities.

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